The Artists

Kate Goodman

Encaustic and collage


I am a part-time artist who has experimented with many different mediums. During college and until recently, I focused my efforts on painting and photography while I dabbled a bit in printmaking. A few years ago, I took a Saturday class on encaustic painting and fell in love. Now I am mostly an encaustic and mixed media artist.

Encaustic is a medium made from beeswax and dammar resin. The medium can be used alone as a transparent coating or adhesive. Pigments can be added and it can be used like paint. The wax is melted on a hot palette so it can be "painted" onto a surface with brushes or applied with another tool. Then the wax is heated again to fuse it to the surface or to fuse together layers of wax to create a durable and archival work of art.

In my work I use encaustic and pigmented medium, torn and cut pages from magazines, paper, clip art, rubber stamps, fabric, my own photographs, and oil paint.