The Artists

Gillian Allard


(206) 200-8898

Colorful mosaics created from broken dishes & tiles.

I first fell in love with mosaics in Barcelona's Park Guell seeing the work of Anton Gaudi. My first art pieces were stepping stones (still my favorite pieces to create), then progressing to furniture and signs. Most of my work is inspired by discarded or broken dishes that become one-of-a-kind functional pieces for the garden and home. In addition to china, pottery and stoneware, a variety of glass tile & gems, broken tile and found objects are incorporated. The breaking of the ceramics is organic and random in nature and one of my goals is to capture that energy. Recreating memories reusing materials are an important part of my work. When someone gives me a broken dish and I can give it back to them recreated and ready to function again, I have united the best elements of this art form.

Teaching the art of making mosaics to others - both kids and adults - is a way to manifest how things that are broken can be made whole again. Students are wowed by the color, materials, and patterns that can take shape. I work in the classroom with 1-8 graders to create their own pieces as well as collective pieces for gifts and public art. I lead workshops for adults involving the creation of memories with the found object they have collected or by using mosaic to celebrate lasting friendships.