The Artists

Sylvia Carlton

Oils & acrylic

(206) 842-8046

Full Spectrum Color

I was born an artist though I kept it bottled up inside of me as I lived my life until sometime in my 40's when it exploded out. I knew it was "now or never." From then on I became obsessed and in love with my art career. It has been a tremendous amount of work, learning, personal investment and sacrifice. I know it was the right choice. Sense the beginning I not only paint for myself, but for others, to bring happiness and joy.

Inspiration comes in the form of the natural landscape, flowers, trees, sweeping valleys, mountains, and grand forests. Painting outside in the fresh air is for me not only a blessing but also the best way to see the real colors, the beautiful darks and lights of nature. On location you can feel, hear and smell the painting before you. The complete reality of this unique Plein Air experience is what I want to paint onto my canvas. This is what I want to share with you the viewer. I hope you can get the same feelings/experiences from my paintings as I did when I stood there.

I work in many medias and styles. This depends how each particular subject speaks to me. I use a full palette of clear beautiful colors. Sometimes I use only one medium but at times I will combine them. It is often a combination of: oils, oil pastels, acrylics, or other forms of watercolors. My style may be bold, subtle, traditional, Plein Air, quirky, whimsical, impressionist, realistic or more abstract, depending on what I want to express. I do hope you enjoy my artwork.