The Artists

Paula Ensign

Drawings & paintings

(425) 894-8791

Beauty is all around us. Sometimes it's obvious and acknowledged by all; other times it may take a fresh perspective to discern it. Finding beauty in the everyday enriches our lives. As an artist I spend as much time observing as I do drawing and painting. Most of my work is done plein air (outside) where inspiration is spontaneous and direct. I seek not only the harmony and design of nature, but the color and variety of our local landscape.

I work in two different media, each with very different characteristics. Using oils I paint on location in our beautiful Northwest landscape to capture light and color. Using ink and watercolor, I often work in the studio to focus on detail and design. I love both mediums and thoroughly enjoy the differences of each. My goal in drawing and painting is to express the loveliness of the world around us, creating lasting memories of time and place.