The Artists

Shari Hutchinson

Northwest landscape paintings

17101 Angeline Avenue NE, Suquamish, WA 98392
(206) 914-0750

I am interested in many forms of media and enjoy experimenting with approach, application and subject matter. I am a fairly straightforward landscape painter, but I see landscapes everywhere; whether that may be in the mystical layering of an old-growth forest, the craggy cliffs overlooking Agate Pass, the gentle rise of a sleeping infant's cheek, or the spiritual depths represented in a crack on a beach bulkhead.

In my paintings, I try to reflect the spiritual nature of a place, a person, or a thing. In addition, as a landscape painter and lifelong resident of the Pacific Northwest, I feel I have a responsibility to record the fragile and endangered in our environment, as well as the incredible joy and beauty that surround us.

For those of my patrons who wish to have a particular view brought to life in paint, I take commissions for special requests. That could be a portrait of a cherished grandchild or just the view out of your own front door, no matter; my artistic challenge will be to find and paint your personal "landscape," customized to your desires.