The Artists

Sharon von Ibsch

Photorealistic acrylic paintings


I find inspiration all around me, and from places I have traveled around the world.

I also have found influence in Claude Monet, Georgia O'Keefe, and Jackson Pollack. Monet took influence from his surroundings just as I find myself doing. O'Keefe painted beautifully curvaceous up-close views of flowers and had the one image taking stage - uncomplicated by a background. Pollack found freedom in a new style of painting; unencumbered by the structure of what was dictated to be art by society. Like Monet and O'Keefe I take most of my influence by the natural world. Bringing the small or overlooked into large singular focus is my main goal. Simply being outside and seeing the beauty that constantly surrounds us puts me in awe, and I feel compelled to convey that in my work. I also find a freedom of style in my water paintings as each piece brings about a new technique or skill I can learn.

I work from photos so I can preserve the exact moment of light, shadow, or motion that attracts me. I freehand draw the image onto the canvas and start painting from the background to the foreground. I paint many layers over each section of the entire piece to make the colors more vibrant and the blending smoother.

In my work right now I'm attempting to convey softness and precision in flowers, and the delicate strength of plants. I am also intrigued by fingers of light webbing out over the flower, and by flowers being in such bright light that they are whited out by the sun. My focus lately has been that crisp, almost piercing bright white light of summer, and the dewy/new/translucence of spring.

I hope you enjoy my work and that it gives you as much peace and it does me!