The Artists

Bill Austin


I am a self-taught Luthier striving to find that perfect sound that comes from the blending of wood, steel and the human hand. Having worked most of my life with wood in the art of finish carpentry/cabinetry while bringing other people's dreams to completion, I have chosen the latter part of my life as a time to create and enjoy working on my own dreams; hoping to share those dreams with those who can bring out the music within the shapes I have contrived.

Having played 12 string guitar for 40+ years and being in love with the sound of a well-tuned and well played steel string guitar, I am building variations of the 12-string body size and adapting it to 6 string as well. Experimenting with different woods, body depths and scale lengths, all have been making jumbo size guitars both with and without cutaways, all with highest quality tone woods and hardware.

My family and I moved to Bainbridge Island in June of 2016 when my wife was invited to work with Fairbank Construction. We are overjoyed to live in such a beautiful area and love everything we have discovered here so far. Having finished with our remodel of the home we purchased upon arrival, and completed rebuilding my shop, I am now once again in production and hope to be filling orders if and as they come in.