The Artists

Andrew Bergh



evocative: bringing strong thoughts, memories or feelings to mind

Andrew ("Andy") Bergh has a growing reputation as a fine art photographer who creates evocative images. This is true regardless of subject matter, whether it be one of his travel, landscape, cityscape, nature, black and white, still life, or abstract photographs.

Cameras can't think or feel, and they invariably record images differently than the human eye. By using image conversion and image processing tools in the digital studio, Andy creates images that reveal his artistic vision and/or convey what he personally experienced. One of his favorite techniques is high density range imaging, or "HDR" for short. By merging multiple images of the same subject matter taken at different exposures, the end result is an image with exceptional detail even in the shadow and highlight areas.

The culmination of this creative process is "the print." Some things should never be delegated, and Andy firmly believes that printing is one of them. He is solely responsible for every detail, including paper selection. When Andy signs a print, that means it passed his rigorous quality criteria in every way.