The Artists

Brian & Wendy Fuller

Stoneware clay pottery


In the late 1990s, Brian Fuller was introduced to pottery making. He took to the medium at once, spending as much time as possible over the next several years practicing his craft and learning all that he could about different styles and techniques. For a time, due to circumstances and obligations, he had to give up the practice and focus his attention elsewhere but he always desired to return to clay working.

In recent years, Brian has been able to establish Fairview Lake Studios at his home in Western Washington. A transplant to the area, Brian is deeply inspired by the diversity of lush vegetation, the ever-changing shades of the waters, and all the places where earth, water, and sky combine. Brian works to reflect his appreciation for these elements in all of his works.

Brian and his design partner and wife, Wendy, love to create functional works of art. Brian and Wendy both feel that incorporating beautiful, unique objects into everyday life can help to elevate even simple acts like preparing foods or serving a meal.