The Artists

Walter Massey

Copper sculpture


Walter Massey was born in South Carolina. Surrounded by a large artistic family his art career began early as he learned to draw and paint with his grandmother. He later turned to more "structural" media.

While studying psychology, literature, and art at university, Walter was drawn to hands-on learning, and embarked on a self-styled course in the practical study of sculpture, beginning with metal casting and moving to other forms of metalsmithing. He came to favor working with copper and determined to develop a style outside the realm of traditional copper repousse. He began by working on detailed figures from nature, constantly developing more and better ways to fabricate a wide variety of figures "in the round". His work today is the result of using his experiences in structural work and training as a metal-shop welder to develop his own techniques for producing metal sculpture of all sizes and shapes while bringing the typically "structural/functional" medium of copper more fully into the modern world of fine art. Other than forms of Pacific Northwest salmon, his current passions are subjects from nature in constructing organic forms of tree and branch, sea creatures, and birds.

Walter's work has been shown in various art centers, galleries, and shops on the east and west coasts. Pieces are owned and displayed by private collectors in 26 states and 4 foreign countries. Public displays of Walter's work are in Washington, Arizona, Connecticut, West Virginia, Texas, Florida, North and South Carolina.