The Artists

Anthony Piazza



I have always loved to draw, design and create. As a kid, I would sketch 'the perfect tree house' then go collect scrap lumber, some rusty nails and begin building my dream. Sometimes all would work fine but when it didn't and something would break, like a ladder I once built, I would stop and try to figure out what didn't work instead of just make a quick fix. Fast forward to the present and you will see this attention to design present in everything that I create.

Woodworking comes naturally to me. I love the smell of fresh cut wood, the beauty of the grain, and the endless possibilities of things to design and produce. I enjoying taking an idea and turning it in to a finished piece using my drawing expertise and affinity for design. I design and build custom wood cabinets, lighting, furniture, architectural ceilings, and specially commissioned accent pieces. A secondary creative outlet is taking cutoff wood from larger projects and repurposing it into cutting boards and anything else that comes to mind. I absolutely love what I do.

When I'm not in the woodshop, you can usually find me riding my motorcycle or on the trail with my wife and friends. I enjoy being out in nature - where I often get inspiration for my work. My hope is that through woodworking, the original projects I create and build will be cherished for years to come.