The Artists

Anya Koultysheva

Linen wearables

(310) 774-7382

I have been fascinated with fiber arts since my early childhood when my grandmother first taught me how to sew. Now, many years later I still love working with textiles, especially linen.

Linen is the oldest fiber in the world and to me the most wonderful for its beauty, amazing natural properties and sustainability. I bring linen fabrics from a small Baltic country in Europe where linen flax has been grown for centuries and even mentioned as a sacred plant in the most ancient folk songs or work songs associated with production, extraction, spinning and weaving. All of the linens I work with are made organically using some old methods and stone washing techniques, and without any use of harsh chemicals in the entire making process. The most beautiful and unique colors are done in small batches in very limited quantities.

I make every piece with care and attention to detail. My goal is to create beautiful, stylish and long-lasting clothing. Style, simplicity, unique prints and colors are combined together in my work.